How to disable windows defender Windows 10 in 2020? – En

Today we are going to talk about “How to turn off windows defender”. Sometimes we really get confused cause we really don’t “How to disable windows defender windows 10” for some Important task.

In this blog, we learn step by step that “How to disable windows defender windows 10”. Please Don’tskip any step. If you then it may harmful for your PC. So let’s get started without wasting any time.

#Step -1

       Go to start menu. Press your windows logo on your keyboard. Then search “Windows Security” you’ll see like this:



Click on this. Did you click?

Ok then, Now you’ll get this type of Window



Now go as I show



After select this option you’ll get this window



And select as image showed.

Now you will get this section



Now make them turn off which marked.

Ok, now your Windows Defender is Disable. Now you can do as you want but Remember after completing your task Make them Turn On otherwise you can get attacked by VIRUS.

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